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Why do we choose dessert in the afternoon?

Do you belong to the group of people who "are able to kill" for an afternoon desert?

You are not alone, as researchs have shown that 6 out of 10 people choose to eat a sweet snack during the second half of the day (between 5pm-9pm).

This happens because the feeling of hunger peaks at this particular time, which mainly concerns high-calorie foods. During afternoon we tend to choose mainly sweet snacks rich in sugar and fat.

How are we going to deal with that afternoon sweet craving?

  • It is advisable to distinguish biological from emotional hunger. This can easily happen if you delay eating the time that the craving strikes and see if it persists or not.

    • If the sensation subsides, then it is emotional hunger and the next time it happens to you, try to trick yourself with some other activity (walk, music, talking with friends).

  • Maintain a balanced diet thoughout the day by consuming 4 to 5 frequent, small meals.

  • Do not deprive yourself of sweets, but consume in moderation. Deprivation leads to overconsumption and ultimately derails us from our original goal.

  • If you don't want to consume a dessert with many calories, trick yourself with healthy alternatives such as toast with honey, homemade cereal bar, fruit with dark chocolate, sugar-free jelly.

  • Drink enough water the moment you feel the need for sweets and wait a few minutes.

Do you need help losing weight or improving your eating habits?

I will be very happy if you contact me.

Tania L.

EasyFit Rehab Instructor

IBBFA Barre Instructor Level 1,2,3,PrePostNatal

Barre Eclipse Instructor

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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