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What is the best exercise for fat loss?

Lately, I receive many questions about this matter. What's the best exercise for fat loss? How many reps should I do to burn the stubborn fat on my belly? Fitness industry will tell you that you need specific exercises with specific reps in order to target your belly fat, fat on quads, arms etc. But that's not true! ✅The truth is that loosing body fat does not come from a specific exercise. Yes, some exercises burn more calories than others but to loose fat all you need is to be on deficit. ✅You can achieve this by eating less calories than you burn within a day. If you include more daily exercise, it can be a tool to allow you to eat more calories and still be on a deficit, due to an increased TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). ✅Focus more on your calories intake (and the type of calories) rather than the amount or specificity of exercise. A slice of cake and a salmon with rice have the same calories but those calories aren't the same 😉 ➡️Do you need more help to achieve your goals? DM me now!

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