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Disadvantages of watching TV while eating.

Studies have shown that watching TV or, in general, a screen while eating, leads to both overeating and wrong food choices.

Explaining, watching TV, while eating, distracts someone's attention from food. This, leads to unconscious food consumption.

Unconscious food consumption, causes delayed satiety, larger amount of food consumption- greater than someone's really need.

Food commercials, on the other hand, also play a catalytic role, since they increase its desire for such products, especially when someone enjoys its favorite TV series.

First are listed the products rich in sugar, followed by products rich in "trans" fats and finally, salty products. Their consumption is effortless, thoughtless.

If you ask yourself, how many times have you caught yourself eating an entire chocolate bar, or a bag of chips...without realizing it, because you were so focused on what you were watching.

Next time you have a family meal, prefer to turn off the TV and instead start chatting. Soon, you will realise the relationship between you has changed, the food tastes better and you consume smaller quantities.

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