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What are probiotics and prebiotics. What do you know about this powerful combination and how they work in our digestive system?

In our gut there are both good (non-pathogenic) and bad (pathogenic) bacteria. For the proper functioning of our intestinal system there should be a balance between them. If this balance is disturbed, problems such as intestinal diseases arise.

What are probiotics?

They are bacteria that belong to the category of good bacteria, so their role is to ensure both the intestinal flora and its smooth functioning.

Their prevention contributes to the treatment of diseases such as

  1. constipation

  2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  3. intestinal infections

  4. diarrheas

  5. urinary

  6. tract infections

  7. griffins

  8. strengthen the immune system

  9. regulate high cholesterol

  10. regulate high blood pressure

  11. taking them is necessary for people taking antibiotics. (The frequent use of antibiotics kill the intestinal flora, allowing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. However, the intake of probiotics can prevent or even counter this development)

  12. they have an anti-allergic effect.

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are not bacteria but specific forms of carbohydrates that form the food of probiotics (bacteria), enhancing their growth.

Which products are rich in probiotic bacteria?

It is the fermented products like

  1. yoghurt

  2. kefir

  3. Ariani

  4. soft cheeses

  5. chocolate

  6. olives

  7. yeast bread

  8. beer

  9. wine

  10. sauerkraut

  11. pickle.

What are prebiotic products?

They are products with specific forms of carbohydrates such as

  1. banana

  2. apple

  3. blueberries

  4. sour cherry

  5. oats

  6. honey

  7. asparagus

  8. artichokes

  9. whole grains

  10. onion

  11. garlic.

By combining probiotics and prebiotics, symbiotics arise, the consumption of which brings about optimal results in the health of the gut and the body.

Combinations like

  1. yogurt with apple and honey

  2. Yogurt with blueberries and cereal

  3. smoothie with kefir banana oats and honey

  4. a slice of yeast bread with some soft cheese

  5. a slice of yeast bread with a couple of olives etc.

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Tania L.

EasyFit Rehab Instructor

IBBFA Barre Instructor Level 1,2,3,PrePostNatal

Barre Eclipse Instructor

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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