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Why my Abs are hidden, although I exercise a lot.

You spend endless hours on Google, looking for the answer to your question. You see all these bodies around the beach and you wonder ... "what do they eat? How often they exercise?" Here are some tips that will save you and make you stop looking and start doing! 1. The reason that the abs do not make their appearance is no other than the excess fat! To see the results you dream of, you need to lower your body fat levels (overall).

2. Do not focus only on the abdomen. In fact, exercise the whole body in order to see the amount of fat reduced. 3. Water, water, water! Is there anything better than water? It moisturizes, expels toxins, helps to lose fat, cuts the appetite. Many times, we have the feeling that we are hungry and in fact we are just thirsty.

4. Limit sweets and trans fats. Unfortunately, this is the truth! Frequent consumption leads to fluid retention, addiction, weight gain and ultimately obesity. 5. Limit alcohol. Alcohol has hidden calories! Always remember, the stronger an alcoholic beverage, the higher its sugar content! 6. Sleep a little more ... and give your body the opportunity to rest and regenerate the muscles that got "ripped" during exercise. Also, lack of sleep and irregular schedules make you feeling more hungry and lead to overeating episodes.

7. Improve your diet. Include fruits, vegetables, good fats and frequent meals in your daily routine. This way, you will give the motivating boost to your metabolism and you will start to notice the results you want. 8. Keep a diary! I'm not telling you to be persistent and record everything you consume but an overall picture will help you see approximately how many calories you eat daily 9. Add protein to your meals. Eggs, yogurt, milk, chicken are some of the foods that will help you stay full for longer and at the same time, to burn more calories!

Tania L.

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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