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Why don't you see results?

Did you know that we underestimate our calories by 25% and we overestimate the calories we burn when we workout?

Take a look to the common mistakes, when it comes to fat loss:

1. The ‘PERFECT’ diet .

There is nothing wrong with trying to be perfect. When perfect is only Monday to Friday and the weekends are a binge, eating that many calories can kick you right outside of your diet and undo your hard work.

2. Eating more of something because you think it is healthy doesn't mean it can help you lose weight. Just because you are eating a gluten free, paleo, low sugar pie doesn't mean it is jam packed of calories

3. Just because a food is marketed as healthy does NOT mean it is a better alternative. It is important to increase your knowledge around what foods can keep you in a deficit as well as the portion sized.

4. Mindless eating does add up. Some people track what they want to track and not account for the snacking, the picking and the hidden treats- this can easily add 300-500 calories onto your caloric intake.

When it comes to fat loss: -->Nutrition is KING

-->Exercise is QUEEN

Need help with nutrition and exercise? Contact me and together we will get the best out of you!

Tania L.

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

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