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We are on holidays, what about diet?

Summer, summer, summer! Our mood is more relaxed, elevated, we drink a bit more, we eat a bit more. But what can we do to prevent the train from dropping the ball when it comes for diet? Here are some very important and easy to follow tips.

1) Water. The heat and the sun dehydrate us. It is good to have always a bottle of water with us and to drink often. Like this, we will not become dehydrated and we will not get sunburn. Also, many times we feel hungry but in reality we are thirsty! So hold on to the ice cream or chips before eating them and have a ship of water.

2) Fruits and vegetables. We have to make sure that we have one or two servings of fruits and vegetables. They help a lot in hydration and they are rich in fiber. Studies have shown that increased fiber intake contributes to weight loss as they create a strong feeling of satiety. We choose fruits, vegetables and legumes in the form of salad so that we have the valuable fiber in our diet. It is very important to add to the list of positive elements of fiber, that it also fights constipation.

3) Do not "pinch". During our vacations we snack without realizing it. Chips, ice cream, make us loosing counting. Cleverly combine a meal plan that includes a good breakfast for energy, two snacks before and after lunch. We ideally choose 1 fruit or some nuts. A main meal and a very light dinner with a salad rich in green vegetables.

4) Eat slowly. Do not rush and enjoy your food. Eat slowly and consciously. Do not forget that the brain needs 20 minutes to send the signal that we are full and do not need another amount.

5) Do you drink calories? Of course we drink calories. Cool summer cocktails, beers and many other alcoholic beverages are the leaders every summer. The golden rule is this, the more alcohol a drink has, the more calories and sugar contains. We can choose to drink beer or wine but not on a daily basis and not in large quantities.

6) Keep moving. During winter we spend our time in the gym "building a body for the beach" But summer is the best time to keep moving within the day. Swimming, walks, dancing, rackets, beach volleyball, group activities with friends and family, even the leisurely walk in the afternoon can help us.

7) Do not deprive the sweets. Eat the ice cream, but do not eat 3 balls. Eat the cake but not yours and your friend's, partner's. Greek ancient ancestors used to say "Pan metron ariston" and they were definitely right. After knowing all of the above all you need to do is to put these tips in you luggage and go to the beach! Tania L. ISSA Certified Nutritionist ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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