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I am pregnant! Should I eat for two?

Pregnancy is a very beautiful period of every woman's life but at the same time crucial for the healthy development of the pregnant child.

During pregnancy the pregnant woman will see her body changing and her weight increasing, she will need to eat for two, but this does not mean that the calories she will consume will be double!

9 months pregnancy.

Future mother's diet, aims to meet the needs of the fetus in nutrients, ensuring the best possible development and at the same time reduces the risk of disorders in the fetus.

A dietitian - nutritionist can help the pregnant woman at this stage, in order to ensure a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, to meet her needs depending on the stage of het pregnancy.

It is also important to dispel various dietary myths in pregnancy and to inform women in the reproductive phase - especially pregnant women - in a scientific way about dietary recommendations during pregnancy.

What should I take care of?

The preparation of the pregnant woman's diet, in terms of its quantity and composition, plays a primary role in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight, depending on the stage, of course, of pregnancy, while contributing positively to the development of the fetus.

Small and frequent meals as well as a diet rich in all food groups, can provide the pregnant woman with all the vitamins and minerals needed for the proper development of the fetus, since each trimester of pregnancy imposes very different macro needs and micro nutrients.

Hydration during pregnancy.

Proper hydration also plays an important role. Extra caution should be given to the consumption of sweeteners. Some sweeteners are safe for consumption by pregnant women as well as their quantities and their quantity should be monitored in order to avoid creating problems in the fetus.

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