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How to create the habit of stop snacking!

We all know that as soon as we open the Pringles box, it is impossible to stop eating, until we finish them all. We also know that the easiest thing to do when we are hungry, is to have a snack. But what happens when I get off the track when I start snacking? How can I stop it?

Here are 6 simple steps of how will you manage to stop once and for good.

  1. Come up with a plan. Normally, when it comes to a new habit, we try to perform it over and over. For example, brushing our teeth at night, washing the dishes after dinner. This time, we have to stop doing it. Write a list before you enter to the supermarket and stick to it. Do not buy snacks and avoid entering to snack aisles.

  2. Always have a back up plan. For example, you schedule to take a walk after lunch. What are you going to do if it starts raining?

  3. Prepare yourself. If you try to avoid snacking, try to have less quantity of biscuits, candies, or chips at home. If you want to take a walk or to train, first thing in the morning, have your gym clothes ready or prepare you equipment the night before.

  4. A reminder is helpful!. We all have the best intentions to do something and then we forget. For example, to drink more water, to have fruit for snack. Set the alarm, have a post-it sticker in the kitchen... it helps!

  5. Monitor your progress. The purpose is not to judge yourself or to realize how bad you are on something. It is to stay on track and to encourage yourself to keep going. It will also help you to understand whether you will have to change something or not.

  6. Find a sense of satisfaction. When you finally succeed to your plan, notice the feeling! Cheer your self up, congratulate yourself, "see" how does it feel and be happy about it. You may feel proud, physically good.

Tania L.

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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