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How sugar affects our brain.

Updated: Aug 10

Observing carefully the photo above, we understand that a normal brain includes all the colours. That means that it can experience everything and its function is perfect. A cocaine user, loses the ability to experience normal happy feelings, such us pleasure and happiness. Observing carefully, you see that the red colour is nowhere and there is yellow and green (difficulty in feeling pleasure and lack of pleasure). A sugar "user", has only green colour on the x-ray and only some traces of yellow. The dopamine is low and the lack of pleasure is high. When we eat sugar the satisfaction is temporary, some times lasts only during the first bites. Regular consumption of sugar, will reduce your natural ability to experience pleasure. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and it's the reason of many diseases.

Next time you will think of having the whole cake for breakfast instead of some bread and eggs, think twice. Do you need more help? Contact me now. Tania L. ISSA Certified Personal Trainer ISSA Certified Nutritionist.

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