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Easter time is gone but the extra weight is here. Now what?

We ate, we drank, we ate again, we drank again ... And one morning we went to the scale and we started screaming! Now what? What am I doing to do? First of all, do not worry and do not think that you have to go on a hunger strike to immediately lose the pounds you've gained. I guarantee you that if you follow the instructions below, you will say goodbye to those pounds quickly and without realizing it.

1) Water! Our number one ally everywhere. After large amounts of food, sugar and alcohol, our body needs detoxification. The best way to do this is to drink plenty of water. If you have difficulty or forget to drink water, set the alarm, choose to add mint, cucumber or strawberries, to give a more pleasant and attractive taste. 2) Less alcohol, less coffee and more water (which takes us back the first step).

3) Small and frequent meals which you've replaced during Easter period, with large amounts of food once a day. Try to eat 5 small meals, with two of them being snacks.

4) Normal breakfast: say no to puff pastries , Easter cookies or buns. Say yes to whole grain food, protein and oats.

5) Homemade and light food. Have in your mind that no matter what you will going to have for lunch and dinner, should be strictly accompanied by a bowl of salad!

6) Say yes to fruit. It is almost summer and all the delicious fruits are getting more and more available. Try to replace chocolate with strawberries or banana with a bit of honey and. Your body will thank you for these choices! Do you need more help? I am here for you! Send me a message now!

Tania L.

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

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