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DNA Is Not Destiny: The New Science of Epigenetics.

In 2000 in the United States, an experiment took place, trying to understand if genetics can change or not, by a professor of radiation oncology at Duke University.

Mr. Randy Jirtle chose to experiment a pair of fat yellow mice known to scientists as agouti mice. Agouti mice is known for its particular gene—the agouti gene—as it makes them yellow, fluffy, fat and prone to cancer and diabetes.

In simple words, they were doom to die.

In the lab, he started feeding them greens...Just greens... and the pair of mice grown and gave babies.. The babies were born , thin, small and brown. The yellow mice died because of the different deceases based on its DNA.

How did this happen?

Greens have something called "a methyl donor" and that is the reason that the DNA changed.

This proofs that whatever you've born with, it is not your destiny. Every single thought you have, every single mouthful of whatever you're eating and every single step you take, changes gene expression, changes the way the whole body is talking to itself and changes your destiny. You write your own script.

Next time you think of having a salad or not, go for it. Love and add your greens on your daily eating habits. Spend money at the grocery shop and buy different salads and greens. Make your life better :)

Do you need help?

Contact me now. I am happy to help.

Tania L.

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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