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Children, school and sugar.

Human's body and its brain cells are powered by insulin. Insulin helps glucose enter the cells, ensuring an adequate supply of energy.

A diet, rich in food with fat and sugar content, lags the ability of memory and learning new things or acquiring new knowledge, compared to a balanced diet. This happens because of the insulin resistance.

Golden rule! The more sugar a child consumes during the day, the more difficult it is to meet his daily school obligations.

How does sugar affect brain function?

1. After consuming sugar, the human body is alert for about 20 minutes. When the time passes, the concentration gets more difficult and the person is distracted from what he is doing, easily.

2. During these 20 minutes, joy and hyperactivity are on the peak. When these 20 minutes pass, mood changes and irritation gets higher, due to dopamine. Sugar affects the neurotransmitter (which controls the brain's reward and pleasure centers) and turns it upside down.

3. High consumption of sugar over a long period of time affects brain's function and its ability to acquire a new piece of information. Studies at an American university have shown how Alzheimer's disease and sugar are connected.

4. Poor diet and increased sugar consumption lead to higher stress levels. Try to have easy snacks that increase serotonin levels (balances mood), such as nuts, avocados, berries.

5. High sugar level is responsible for personality changes. Vitamin B and chromium are responsible for our mood. Poor diet and increased sugar consumption block these chemicals and lead to uncharacteristic outbursts of irritability and aggression.

6. Sugar increases dopamine levels, which makes people to want more (in order to improve mood again). This contributes negatively both child's development (healthy bones and a body without visceral fat and extra pounds) and leads to brain's inability to concentrate on a task.

7. Sugar suppresses the immune system. Eating too much reduces the ability of white blood cells to attack the bacteria, responsible for flu and viruses. Protect your child's immune system by changing eating habits.

What should I choose instead of sugar?

1. nuts

2. fruits

3. dark chocolate

4. sweet potato chips with a salt (cut the sweet potato into thin slices and then bake in the oven, on parchment paper). Children will love their sweet taste

5. honey

Need more help?

Contact me directly.

Tania L.

Certified ISSA Nutritionist

Certified ISSA Personal Trainer.

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