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❌Breaking the myth #no6❌

❌ Go to the gym, eat protein, avoid carbohydrates, delete pizza, burger and sweets from your vocabulary and you will be perfect. ❌ No! You shouldn't stop enjoying your life because you want to achieve your body goals. Instead, you can have everything in moderation. If you think that you are allowed to eat "bad food" on your cheat day, what is the difference of eating on a Saturday night 10 slices of pizza, instead of a slice of pizza every day? Phrases like, "cheat day" or "cheat meal" are proved to lead to binge eating episodes. Explaining, people tend to restrict themselves within the weekdays and they eat just vegetables, fruit and protein. They drink plenty of water and they don't eat sweets. If they follow this pattern for quite some time and if they train more and more, studies have shown that it is more likely to develop "binge eating disorders". Normally, those people used to have a pizza or some slices and they were feeling satisfied. Now, only because their brain has labeled food as good and bad, permitted and restricted, they will eat a pizza and then 2 pieces of cake and they will also drink a lot of alcohol. What is the point to suffer from Monday to Friday when you binge during the weekend then? Do you need more help? Contact me now! Tania L. ISSA Certified Nutritionist ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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