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What is Overeating?

Overeating is the consumption of a large amount of food, in a very short period of time, disproportionate to age, height and gender, without much thought and sense of what is consumed. There is no feeling of hunger and the consumption of food is clearly for emotional reasons (I will eat half of the birthday cake to feel good). Overeating is also the constant "snacking" because food is constantly in someone's mind. Thus, someone eats much more than necessary, for emotional reasons and in the end he/she feels guilty and has a bad image of his/her body.

  1. The difference with bulimia is that someone who eats a lot will not choose to immediately remove the calories he/she just got but he/she will sit comfortably on the couch or he/she will go to bed.

Why do I eat so much in such a short time? There are many reasons for this.

  • Organic

  • psychological

  • social

  • individuals

  • For example, the thought that when someone is thin, he or she is also beautiful.

Someone is deprived of food to the point where he/she erupts and eats whatever he/she finds in front of him/her. The opinion of the society about the beautiful body and about you "I have to see you for a long time, you have lost weight / you gain weight"

Other factors

  • family eating habits

  • expression of emotions only through food

  • inability to solve problems (and therefore the only way out for temporary satisfaction is food)

Overeating and type of food.

Pizzas, burgers, cakes, ice cream, soft drinks, chips or even someone's favorite food as a child or a food associated with a good memory! Someone will never eat a pizza, a burger and seven scoops of ice cream because he/she is happy. In episodes of overeating, the one who eats, chooses foods rich in calories. Foods that will make him/her feel good because he/she may be bored, lonely, sad, scared, lacking confidence and much more. The food he/she prefers is basically what will make the brain release substances that will calm him/her down, will make him/her feel good.

Unfortunately, this feeling is temporary and does not last long after the meal. Treatment.

Overeating is a disorder. This and other eating disorders are now treated with psychotherapy and it can relieve the lives of many people. But help is rarely sought and the reasons are:

  1. difficulties for the individual to admit and deal with the disorder

  2. ignorance

  3. shame

Recognizing the problem, seeking help from a psychotherapist and then from a nutritionist are the first steps in dealing with overeating. Through psychotherapy, the person will understand what is the real image and perception of himself/herself, his/her self-esteem, his/her weight. He/ She will understand what his/her image is, in relation to his/her surroundings. Maybe he/she feels alone, without friends, while he/she is surrounded by ten people. In conclusion, overeating is not something to be ashamed of, but a sign that something is missing.

Do not hide behind the TV with ice cream in hand! Believe in yourself and live as you want! Tania L. lSSA Certified Nutritionist ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

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